I first read about this album and artist in some music magazine or other many years back. The review said one thing that struck me and made me seek it out. “Influences? Holmstrom sounds like like he hid in a cave about 1955 and didn’t come out until recently.

The music has a fifties rock/blues feel, The little guarantee sticker placed on it by the Sound Shop when I purchased it says I bought this little gem on June 7, 1996. It quickly became a favorite at the time, but, strangely enough, it’s the only CD by Holmstrom I have. A little research shows me he has a thriving career with the requisite web site with everything one wants to know about Mr. Holmstrom. Even a blog.

Youtube doesn’t seem to carry clips of any of his songs. There are a few and some concert things with other folks, plus what looks like a whole concert broke down into seven chunks.

The song titles, all by Rick Holmstrom, are as follows:

Hit It

Tacos de Pescado

Fooled Ya

A Good One

The Floater

Lookout Holmes

Jungle Ball

Holmes Hop

North of Montana

Goin’ Up River

She’s My Baby

Lucky You

Rub It

On Your Rocker

Maria Cecile

Guitar Boogie Shuffle Twist

Here’s what I could find:

and a cut from the CD:

A live version of a song on the CD:

at the Lillehammer Blues festival:

With Janiva Magness: