I’ve been a fan of Farmer’s work for a very long time. I’m a big fan of his World of Tiers series and the Riverworld as well, not to mention his many other tales. But I would have discovered him some time after the era covered in this anthology, offered up by George Kelley on Forgotten Fridays Books a while back. George gave a very nice review, read it if you haven’t, and caused me to hunt this one down.

Not hard to find, isn’t the internet wonderful for such a thing, I ordered it immediately and got a very nice copy soon after that.

These tales are representative of a writer that had a big influence on the field as it is today, right from the very beginning of his career. Some of these stories I’d read, others I knew of,and it’s nice to get them all in one small package. I like the idea of this series and most likely, if I can ever find the time to read them, trace some of the other volumes down. I believe there was another for farmer covering a later part of his career.

If you don’t have this one, George was on the money. Worth chasing down.