The Kennel Murder Case(1933)

In Old Santa Fe(1934)

Song of The Gringo(1935)

The Old Corral(1936)

Home On The Prairie(1939)

Back In The Saddle(1941)

The Old Chisholm Trail(1943)

Cowboy and The Senorita(1944)

Home on The Range(1946)

My Pal Trigger(1946)

Under Colorado Skies(1947)

Oklahoma Blues(1948)

Brand of Fear(1949)

The Golden Stallion(1949)

Canadian Pacific(1949)

Trigger, Jr.(1950)

The Magnetic Monster(1953)


X The Unknown(1956)

A Face In The Crowd(1957)

The Guns of Fort Petticoat(1957)

The H-Man(1958)

The Blob(1958)

Gunman’s Walk(1958)

Oklahoma Territory(1960)

Black Sabbath(1964)

In The Year 2889(1966)

Death Rides A Horse(1967)

High Plains Drifter(1973)

Fatal Beauty(1989)


The Fugitive(1993)