1: I Gave At The Office – Donald E. Westlake: A comic look at a secret invasion that TV is covering that isn’t all it’s cracked up tp be. So naturally financing comes along, for ratings sake you know.

2: The Ballad of Delta Rose – Jack Martin: the latest western from Martin(Gary Dobbs). A fine one already read and reviewed.

3: Sorry(ARC) – Zoran Drvenkar: four young people get the bright idea to start a company called SORRY. It did the dirty work for the clients: laying off people, firing people, announcing break-ups between couples, all the things decent folks are hesitant to do. Wildly successful, the team is making money hand over fist. Then one client turns out to be a killer and they are staring at a dead woman, suddenly dancing to their mysterious employer’s beck and call.

4: Black Diamond(ARC) – Martin Walker: third novel in the BRUNO, CHIEF OF POLICE series: Bruno is police chief of St. Denis, a small French village. He’s also a fine chef. Trouble comes in the form of attacks on Viet Nam refugees, arson at a local Asian restaurant, and sub par Chinese truffles smuggled into the outlying regions, threatening a billion dollar industry. As police chief, it’s Bruno’s job to stop all this stuff. As a chef, the idea of sub par truffles horrifies him.