Today is President Obama’s fiftieth birthday. Congratulations, sir!

I voted for the man and, though i haven’t always been happy with things he’s done since assuming office, I generally believe he’s making some sort of effort to get things done. I realize he can’t please everybody and so don’t feel betrayed when he doesn’t always do things that I might like. Would that everyone else with half a brain would do the same.

These Birthers never bothered me, because in the long run, they lost. As I knew they would. They demanded the long form birth certificate for so long(I might be wrong, but i don’t remember any other candidate ever being asked for such). When they finally got it, their reaction was just as I thought it would be. Forgery! They are not about the truth anyway.

What they never mentioned, whether by abject ignorance or just plain willfulness, was that it would not have mattered whether Obama was actually born in this country or not. His mother was American and that made Obama American. That is the law. If the place of birth mattered, McCain was born in Panama. On an American base to be sure, but the way these Birthers operated, it shouldn’t matter.

What it all boiled down to, and what these Birthers would never admit, was that it was because Obama was black. Pure and simple.

End of rant.

Once again, Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

And for purposes of honesty, I’ve never met Obama, though my sister and one of her grandsons have.