I found third book when Jerry House did a post on his blog, JERRY\'S HOUSE OF EVERYTHING for Todd Mason’s Overlooked Movies one Tuesday. Reading Jerry’s post, if you haven’t, do so; I’ll wait, inspired me to track the novel Charles Eric Maine eventually wrote(two years after the movie’s appearance in 1955). It was followed in the next few years with two more novels featuring science writer Mike Delaney. After enjoying this one, I feel certain i will have to track the other two down.

Part science fiction, part thriller, part spy, Maine had a nice breezy style that made reading it so easy. And I’m not sure why. Most British writers, the older ones anyway, seemed much tougher sledding than the newer variety.

The dust jacket art also caught my eye. Ray Johnson is the designer, whatever that means. I do remember quite a number of dust jackets from the Science Fiction Book Club in my early twenties with a similar style. Same artist? Same designer? Who knows.

It was a lot of fun. recommended if you run across it.

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