Attack of The spam. Sounds like one of those fifties science fiction “radiation” movies.

I have a question. Is anyone else being inundated by spam lately?

Since I’ve been doing the blog thing, I’ve always had spam. Luckily, WordPress has a spam filter that works pretty good. Occasionally one slips through, just as a comment will get caught up in the queue(Charles Gramlich just recently). Lately though, it’s a rare thing to log in to the blog(I may do so three or four times a day) and not have at least one waiting for moderation, usually more. I’ve had varying amounts from one all the way up to nineteen, everything in between. To date, the queue has caught nearly fifteen thousand spam hits and probably several hundred in the last couple of months.

They seem to latch mostly on to movie or old Forgotten Books posts.

it’s a little annoying having to delete nineteen posts before I do anything else. Well, not that annoying but you know what I mean.

update: it didn’t take long for my ATTACK OF THE SPAM post to get hit by spam. Just weird.