The tenth anniversary of a most horrible day is upon us and I just wanted to take a few moments to think about those who died in that awful mess. those directly killed and the brave souls who perished trying to save some of the victims. Something just shy of three thousand people died that day and a single greater tragedy has not hit this country.

For a time, it brought this country together like nothing else ever had, though it did spawn some illogical things as well.

I’m sure most of us remember it well. I had been out that morning taking care of business, returning home to get ready for work, headed in at eleven a.m., and turned the Tv on. At that time, they still weren’t sure what was happening. One tower had been hit by a plane and speculation was rampant. I don’t think anyone had mentioned terrorists at that point.

I called the folks and asked them if they had the Tv on(they rarely turn it on for anything but the news). They didn’t and I told what I knew.

I spent most of the time I had watching with growing fascination and then horror when the second plane flew into the other tower. By then, word was out about the plane hitting the Pentagon, the one that crashed because of the actions of the passengers, Flight 93(likely bound for the White House). At work, I learned that word was already spreading there(those cell phones).

So SALUTE to those Americans, and others that were in the World Trade Towers that day and on the hijacked airliners, as well as those at the Pentagon. Their deaths will long be honored.

But no honor to those Americans that performed some of the idiocies in the next few days. The verbal abuse, the attacks on mosques and other religious buildings, the one murder of a Sikh shot to death in Arizona. I remember one over-the-road driver in to pick up a shipment at my place of work talking about incidents. A regular driver at our business, his wife and he were Native American. Because of the black hair and complexion, they got the muttered curses under the breath, the looks, when they were out and about. Nothing more Thank goodness.

We should have been better than that.

I had a discussion with one of that idiot persuasion railing about them “A-rabs” and he became incensed when I said he resembled a prominent American terrorist, Timothy McVeigh, blond hair and blue eyes. Should we treat everyone who looked like that with verbal abuse and assaults?

Of course I was wasting my breath. That type never get it.

I’ll be spending the morning thinking of those lost souls, then watch some football. I believe they would have wanted such. At least I hope so.

Here’s a link to a Bud commercial aired only once to acknowledge the fallen: