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One and one so far this first week of the 2011 season. To be honest, these were the two I thought might be losses.

For the Panthers, the best predictions I heard were four wins. Most were worse. Everyone said Cam Newton, the number one pick, was not an NFL quarterback, only had one season in a quality college program, and not one with a style conducive to the NFL. It might be years, they said, before he reached any level of competence. He was being thrown to the lions.

The Panthers didn’t win the game, losing 28-21 to the Arizona Cardinals. Now I realize that organization is not considered a prime team anymore. But Newton showed a level of cool and confidence far beyond anything predicted by the experts. He was 24/37 for 422 yards, two TDs, one interception, and scored one TD himself. Steve Smith caught eight of those passes for 178 yards and two TDs.

The defense played well, but gave up two big plays on blown assignments.

I know it’s only one week and the Cardinals are not a grade A team. But I’m encouraged that they are not as bad as folks had predicted. We’ll have to see what happens down the road.

The Redskins and the Giants were playing a (/11 game, the two cities attacked in that atrocity ten years ago. We didn’t get the game in this area, only the occasional highlight.

Rex Grossman started at quarterback and finished 21/34, 305 yards, two TDs. They returned Manning’s one pick for a TD. Don’t know much else about the game. it’s a win though.

One more game later tonight, the Jets against the Cowboys(go Jets).

11:50 p.m.: What a game!

The Jets beat the Cowboys 27-24 in a thrilling game. They went back and forth all game, but in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys, mostly Tony Romo, made some serious miscues. They had a fourteen point lead and the game announcers said in their entire history the Cowboys had never lost such a game(something like 260-0-1).

The Jets had cut it to seven when the Cowboys had a man rumbling toward the goal line on a Jets miscue. A Jet defender ran him down from across the field and knocked him out of bounds at the two yard line. From there, Romo lost a fumble while scrambling, the Jets moving it out to the fifty before Sanchez lost his own fumble. A couple of penalties on the Cowboys(delay of game and false start) pushed them back. Then the Jets blocked the punt, scooped it up, and tied the game(after the extra point).

From there, the Cowboys were held, the Jets started to move. Less than a minute left. Punt. Then Romo made a terrible throw, intercepted of course, and the Jets were back in business. They took the lead with a fifty yard field goal(from a kicker cut by the Cowboys).

Romo had one last screw-up. There really wasn’t much time left, eight seconds, but the Dallas QB wasn’t ready for the snap, let it bounce off his chest, then had to throw it out of bounds to stop the clock. Three seconds left. All over.

Two out of three the first week. Nearly three out of three.