1: The Moon Maze Game – Larry Niven and Steven Barnes: the latest Dream Park novel from the best-selling duo.

2: The Green Hornet Casefiles – edited by Joe Gentile & Win Scott Eckert:the second collection of stories from the folks at Moonstone Press

3: The Avenger: The Justice, Inc Files – edited by Joe Gentile & Howard Hopkins: second collection of short stories of the old pulp hero from Moonstone Press.

4: Warehouse 13: A Touch of Fever – Greg Cox: the only decent show left on Syfy. And I like Greg Cox.

5: Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes – Michael Schuster & Steve Mollmann

6: Star Trek: Watching The Clock – Christopher L. Bennett: a novel of the Department of Temporal Investigations, those from the future who investigate all incursions on the timeline(by Kirk, Picard, and so on).

7: Savage Texas – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: a new series featuring northerner Sam Heller, an investigator fot the Federal government, and johnny Cross, a Texan with a slightly shady past in the town of Hangtree shortly after the Civil War.

8: The Creature from Beyond Infinity(ebook) – Henry Kuttner: James Reasoner featured this one on Forgotten books. I was surprised to find it available as an ebook.

9: Bullet For One(ebook) – Brian Drake: Blame this one on Bill. It looked interesting.

10: Repo Girl Blues(ebook) – Tracy Sharp: Jeff Mariotte recently did a back and forth co-interview with this lady on their blogs and got me interested in her three Leah Ryan mysteries. A former car thief, on her first day as a repo specialist, she incurs a drug dealer’s wrath, a man tied to her own shady, though minor league compared to him, past. He’s also into white slavery and Leah is a sucker for lost causes.

11: Finding Chloe(ebook) – Tracy Sharp: an exotic dancer disappears and Leah Ryan is just the type to go looking for her.

12: Dirty Business(ebook) – Tracy Sharp: pregnant women are disappearing and the mother of one hires Leah Ryan to find her.

13: Barrone Street(ebook) – Kent Westmoreland: Burleigh Drummond ignores a voice mail from his ex-girlfriend begging for help. The next morning the police are banging on his door. She had been raped and murdered.