1 & 2: The first two Girasol Spider doubles: two Spider novels in each. I’m way behind on these.

3: Choices of One – Timothy Zahn: I haven’t bought a Star Wars novel in years. To many and, while not bad, most were just ho-hum. But I like Timothy Zahn and his Star Wars were always very good. After all, his Thrawn trilogy spawned the spate of novels that have come since. Before him, there was just the three film novelizations and Alan Dean Foster’s SPLINTER OF THE MIND’S EYE.

4: Shakedown For Murder – Ed Lacy: my first Ed Lacy

5: No Good From A Corpse – Leigh Brackett: when one commenter on my post about Brackett’s AN EYE FOR AN EYE mentioned this was available for Kindle, I couldn’t resist.