The long awaited day has finally arrived. Hard Case Crime relaunched today with the release of two books. QUARRY’S EX is one of them. Because of changes going on in publishing these days, we had to wait a year, but it was definitely worth the extra time.

I started this one this morning and was immediately immersed in Quarry’s world, a man in his early thirties, the time the mid-eighties. Collins captures that period well, sprinkling in references that brought back memories for me. I’m an old geezer and the rock bands he mentions in passing I listened to, a couple I saw live, and watched more than one of those direct-to-video movies being filmed as part of the story.

Our hero is up to his old tricks, using the broker’s list to track down hit men, follow them when they get a job until he identifies the victim, approach said victim with a plan to save their life. All for a fee of course. All done dispassionately of course. It’s what he does.

The last person he expected to run into on this latest job was his ex-wife, the woman who inadvertently put his life on the course it had taken.

I had a fine time reading this one and am ready for more.

Highly recommended.