1: Quarry’s Ex – Max Allan Collins: one of the two in Hard Case Crime’s released this past week in their new lease on life with Titan Books. Colins’ s hit man in an all new adventure where he runs into the last person he ever expected, his wx-wife, the woman who inadvertently put him on the path his life had gone.

2: Dove Season(ARC) – Johnny Shaw: Jimmy Veeder returns home for the first time in years to tend to his father who’s dying of cancer. Instead, the old man sends him into Mexico in search of a hooker. Wanting to honor a dying man, it’s still a strange request. There he hooks up with a childhood friend, now a rising force in the Mexican underworld, to search for her. About to return home after completing his mission, a murder sucks him back in and puts his life in danger.

3: The Technologists(ARC) – Matthew Pearl: A historical thriller. On a fogged in moonless night in 1868, seven ships, schooners, tugs, steam boats, crash together in a massive, fiery wreck in Boston Harbor. Compasses recovered from some of them are wildly spinning. The fifteen members of MIT’s inaugural graduating class seem to be the only ones qualified to stop a madman and his plans.

4: The Red Menace: Red and Dead(ebook) – James Mullaney: Mullaney was the author and co-author(with Warren Murphy) of some of the better Destroyer novels in the latter years of that series. This is the first entry in his new series about a superhero/spy from the fifties, missing and retired since 1960 being called back into action by the U. S. Government in 1972. An old Russian enemy has set up shop in Cuba with some new project.

5: The Paths of Righteousness(ebook) – James Reasoner: I forgot to include this one from last week. A collection of five science fiction stories from James, three old and two never before published. I enjoyed this one.