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It was a mess in the first half at Charlotte yesterday. The weatherman had only called for a twenty percent chance of rain. Instead, it was a heavy constant downpour that last well into the half time break. It wasn’t a lot better the second half. No rain, but a sloppy mess. One camera shot of the sideline showed one team standing in front of a small pond.

Carolina and Jacksonville came into the league the same year, both made the conference finals the second year, and had mixed results ever since, the Panthers making the Super Bowl one year(only to lose to the Patriots).

The Panthers recorded their first win of the season, 16-10. Cam Newton came back down to Earth this week after recording two 400+ yard games with 18/34 for 158 yards and one TD. No picks, though the weather helped their as the Jacksonville defense had several they couldn’t hold onto. The Jaguars quarterback, rookie Blaine Gabbert making his first start, had a decent game, 12/21, 139 yards, and one pick.

While it wasn’t pretty, Newton got that first win with a drive near the end that put them up. The win, that’s all that counts.

The Jets went out to Oakland and got run over. Darren McFadden ran for 171 yards and 2 TDs while Denarius Moore added 1 TD on a 23 yard reverse. Jason Campbell had a modest day withe Raiders(with that rushing day he wasn’t needed), 18/27 for 156 yards.

Sanchez’s good day was for naught. 27/43, 369 yards and 2 TDs, i pick.

Ah well, didn’t expect them to go undefeated.

Tonight’s the big game. My ‘Skins against them Cowboys. Go ‘Skins! Will update after the game.

Finally, a word to Patti. How bout them Lions! 3-0.

update: The Cowboys did just well enough to defeat the ‘Skins 18-16. No mean feat that with four bad snaps in the shotgun set and one pick, an uninspired offense with some of the receivers looking lost. It was enough, darn it, for them to beat my ‘Skins.