1: Zone soldiers – Daniel Ransom(Ed Gorman): an early SF novel.

2: CassaFire(ARC) – Alex J. Cavanaugh: due for February, it’s the science fiction author’s sequel to CassaStar.

3: Pulpsmith: The Butcher’s Son(ebook) – Moses Crawford: in reality Mel Odom. I liked this one.

4: Devils Nest(ebook) – Richard Prosch: a collection of fine tales from one of our friends. These were very good and I await more tales of Coburn.

5: The Dead Man: Kill Them All(review copy, ebook) – Harry Shannon: the latest entry in the series that relaunches this week under it’s Amazon imprint. Liked this one also.

6: Edge: the Return: The Quiet Gun(ebook) – George G. Gilman: the first book in a series of six the author wrote later and were available once on the ‘net. It’s an older more settled, Edge. But a man no less violent when he needed to be. I was a big fan of the originals when I was a much younger man. One hopes they will eventually get to the thirteen that were never published in this country. The prices on the used book sites for the few you can find are way beyond my pocketbook(the 61st commands several hundred dollars).