The Dead Man relaunches this coming week under Amazon publishing’s 47North sf/horror/fantasy imprint. The five early books will be gathered into trade paperbacks several to a volume, the first which can be ordered HERE, and in late November, KILL THEM ALL will be released.

Matt Cahill, the living dead man, rescues a teenager that’s fell into an old man and becomes a hero to the people of the struggling Nevada “old west” town. He’s suddenly a hero and the talk of the small town.

Unknown to him, a team of mercenaries is hunting him, hired by a university who think they can learn what makes him alive when he should be dead. The small town is in danger, because these mercenaries want two things: his blood and no witnesses!

He must galvanize them into helping themselves. Though they outnumber the four mercenaries, they are outgunned and out-trained. There’s also evidence that Matt’s ever present enemy, Mr. Dark, is somewhere around. His new “abilities” allow him to see evil where others can’t and the rotting, pus-filled faces of the mercenaries are all the evidence he needs that they are contolled by Mr. Dark.

This series has rapidly become a favorite and with the deal Lee Goldberg has signed with Amazon, these books will be available for those without ereaders. If you like good action/horror, these will be right up your alley. Lee Goldberg, Willaim Rabkin, James Daniels, David MacAfee, and James Reasoner have contributed entries so far.

Worth a look. I promise you.