1: Smith and Other Events –
2: Breaking Smith’s Horse – Paul St. Pierre: recommended by Richard Robinson and, in the comments, Ron Scheer. I found them on Amazon for just four bucks each, like new, and I couldn’t resist.

3: The Night and The Music – Lawrence Block: an autographed copy sent to me by the author. Again, how do you resist such offers?

4: Star Wars: Darth Plagueis(ARC) – James Luceno: due for release in January. Luceno is another author who writes consistently well in the Star Wars universe. The title character is the Sith Lord who trained Emperor Palpatine.

5: Already Gone(ARC) -John Rector: A tale of the price past sins can cost. Jake Reese is a writing instructor at an American university. But he hasn’t always been that. When he’s attacked in a parking lot and one finger cut off, he, at first dismisses it as chance, then starts to wonder if it’s his past returning.

6: A Lone Star Christmas – William W, Johnstone with J. Johnstone: four Johnstone characters appear in the book, but the main story is of the Conyers family, Big Jim, the father, Dalton, the son, and Rebecca, the daughter, and a young man from Boston, Tom Whitman, that has a terrible incident in the past that prevents him from doing what his heart wants.

7: The Cartaker(ebook) – J. D. Rhoades: it’s Halloween and the author offers up a couple of appropriate tales.

8: Ask The Dice(ebook) Ed Lynskey: the author’s new thriller released to ebook.

9: The Serpent’s Kiss – Daniel Ransom(Ed Gorman) – according to all the blurbs, a serial killer with a difference. This makes the third “Daniel Ransom” I’ve got and. from other sources, it’s the three best written under the pseudonym. looking forward to them.