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I’ve had this one for a while now and decided It was time to get to it. I tracked it down after Ray over at Broken Trails posted on it. My copy is a Bantam edition from November 1963, his a British edition from Corgi Books. His review is very good and I suggest you check it out. Charbonneau even wrote westerns, something I perhaps need to look into.

In reading THE SENTINEL STARS, parts of it seem especially relevant today. The idea of having to work off your tax burden becomes more and more likely in today’s staggering economy. When the politicians trumpet about the debt we are leaving our children while those in charge seem unwilling to do anything about relief for us “common” folks. The tax cuts for those who don’t really need them while only giving perfunctory cuts to those middle and lower income folks digs us ever deeper into the hole.

I did enjoy the book though.

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