1: 11/22/63 – Stephen King’s latest, it’s another hefty novel. His last one, Under The Dome, was one of his best in years so I hold out hope that this one will be as well.

2: Diving Into The Wreck – Kristine Kathryn Rusch: recommended around the internet in several places, I thought I’d give it a try. It will be my first rusch.

3: The Moneypenny Diaries: Final Fling – Kate Westbrook(Samantha Weinberg): the third and concluding volume of the diaries of M’s personal secretary, and the eternal flirt with James Bond. She comments on Bond’s missions and takes part in minor ways. She’s finally given a first name, Jane. There’s also a couple of short stories as well.

4 & 5: Night Medicine & The Sabeteur(ebooks) – Axel Brand(Richard S. Wheeler): a Lieutenant Joe Sonntag of the Milwaukee police department mystery. Set in the late forties.

6: Sci-Fi Private Eye -edited by Charles G. Waugh and Martin H. Greenberg. A heavyweight line-up with stories by Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Poul Anderson, Robert Silverberg, Donald Westlake, Philip K. Dick, Wilson Tucker, Tom Reamy, and Philip Jose Farmer. Except for the Asimov and Dick(both from the fifties), the other stories came from the seventies.