It’s Canadian authors this week and I guess Sandra Ruttan qualifies. A transplanted Canadian, yet she a citizen and proud of it I would assume. SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES was her first novel and I bought it on May 11, 2007 from Amazon. Good thing, judging by the prices today, Only a handful are available on the used book sites and command almost as much, and up, that I paid for my copy way back then. And only one new copy that someone is asking a ridiculous price for(I dare say that even Sandra would be amazed at the price). Fortunately, it’s available on Kindle for a reasonable price.

And worth the price I might add.

A reporter named Lara Kelly gets her hands on a tape that shows a woman falling to her death from a cliff. She’s suspicious when the man delivering the tape says the police had refused to look into it. She starts to investigate and build her story. In short order, the tape is stolen and Lara attacked and it starts to look like maybe more than just a suicide.

Police detective Tyman Faraday is assigned to discredit her story of police incompetence. He soon joins her in hunting down a killer before he can get her.

A complexly plotted novel that does demand attention, it seems to be some reviewers’ main complaints. I like a book that makes one think and when I read this one years ago, it made me a Sandra Ruttan fan. A sequel seems headed our way, that’s good, and I have another novel and collection of short stories in my Kindle I really need to get to. She’s also the editor-in-chief of Spinetingler Magazine.

This week Forgotten books will be gathered by Todd Mason, over at SWEET FREEDOM, I would imagine.