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David Cranmer’s new BEAT TO A PULP book, A RIP THROUGH TIME, is one I’ve looked forward to since it was first announced. I’d read the first adventures of Simon Rip in the e-magazine and loved them.

Time travel tales have always been a favorite of mine and I couldn’t begin to tell you how many I might have read in my long reading life. Wells I started with, of course, Heinlein had a few, and I remember a series of twelve called The Time Wars. A novel titles RUN, COME SEE JERUSALEM by Richard C. Meredith is a particular favorite(and highly recommended).

These are the stories of Simon Rip, head of temporal security for The Company, and his pursuit of Dr. Robert Berlin, a scientist who’d stolen his own device, the Baryon Core, and disappeared in time. Rip goes after him to find out why and retrieve the device. In the course of the five tales in this book, he meets famous people, gets involved adventures of various types, crime, sword and sorcery(which takes advantage of that old Arthur C. Clarke saying, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”), and hard science fiction.

Cranmer recruited some ace writers to help out on these stories.

The Dame, The Doctor, and The Device – Chris F. Holm

Battles, Broadswords, and Bad Girls – Charles A. Gramlich

Chaos In The Stream – Garnett Elliott

Darkling In The Eternal Space – Chad Eagleton

The Final Painting of Hawley Exton – Chad Eagleton

There’s a fine essay by Ron Scheer on time travel in fiction, both prose and film.

I had a fine time reading these tales and they are available on SMASHWORDS at a ridiculously low price. Definitely worth checking out.

One final note: it’s my understanding that Chad Eagleton is working on a new Simon Rip tale, a novella. Looking forward to that one.