216: TH: Already Gone – John Rector

217: SF: The Sentinel Stars -Louis Charbonneau

218: HB: Beat To A Punch: Hardboiled(ebook) – edited by David Cranmer & Scott D. Parker

219: WE: Blood Bond: Arizona Ambush – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

220: SF: Time Tunnel – Murray Leinster

221: TH: The Immortalists – Kyle Mills

222: CR: Fight Card: Felony Fists(ebook) – Jack Tunney(Paul Bishop)

223: CR: The Last Good Kiss – James Crumley

224: CR: One Lonely Night – Mickey Spillane

225: HR: Nine Frights(ebook) – Jeffrey J. Mariotte

226: CR: Fight Card: The Cutman(ebook) – Jack Tunney(Mel Odom)

227: SF: The Time Tunnel – Murray Leinster

228: WE: Rancho Diablo: Dark Horse(ebook) – Colby Jackson(James Reasoner)

229: Tarzan and The Valley of Gold – Fritz Leiber

230: Red Sky In Morning – Patrick Culhane(Max Allan Collins)

231: SF: Dumarest of Terra: Zenya – E. C. Tubb

232: SF: Beat To A Pulp: A Rip Through Time(ebook) -edited by David Cranmer stories by Chris F. Holm, Charles A. Gramlich, Garnett Elliott, & Chad Eagleton essay by Ron Scheer