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David Cranmer has been producing some fine western stories, and other genres of course, in a short career. He has always been open to allowing other folks to play in his little sand box, as the old saying goes. MILES TO LITTLE RIDGE is by Heath Lowrance. Lowrance is a writer I’ve recently become aware of and have picked up a couple of his stories. After reading this one, it will push me to get them read.

Lowrance’s tale is from David’s Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles western stories, written as by Edward P. Grainger, and features Gideon Miles, black U.S. Marshal, in a solo adventure.

Our marshal comes to the town of Little Ridge to track down a man wanted for several armed robberies. He encounters the same sort of problems he runs into too regularly. Because of his color, the town sheriff is uncooperative, as are most people he runs into. No one believes that his man is an outlaw, but a simple honest farmer raising his daughter alone. “He can’t be what you say!” But Miles doesn’t judge, he just brings in his man for others to judge.

Unknown to Miles, another criminal is in town, a man looking for revenge from when Miles had walked in on a bank robbery a couple of years before and had to kill a man intent on killing him. The Swede has lived in town a year, laboring at honest jobs, but is determined to get Miles with his new partner.

And others want to help him.

A clean simple tale told in smoothly, moving prose by Lowrance.

I Liked this one. Recommended.