The aliens came and left Earth’s civilization in ruins. Their technology completely overwhelmed us and then they simply loaded billions of people aboard their ships and left. No one knew why they wanted those billions.

Now they had returned.

It was seventy-five years later and civilization had been slow to recover. Mostly farming communities with moderate technology, one small such village was taken and loaded aboard ship.

One of the prisoners was a young man named Linus. During the loading process, some of the people rioted and he was shoved into a compartment away from his fellow citizens.

There he made friends and learned the truth. This group were pirates, scavengers that followed behind the monstrous government raids and picked over the leavings. People, slaves, were simply currency by Primus Reggia, the powerful federation that controlled most of the galaxy.

The trip was long, lots of people died, others bullied those they could, the ship was attacked and crash landed on a planet. Linus has a bit of luck and survives, managing to befriend one of the new pirates, the Rat Bastards,joining them.

So begins his odyssey. He moves up in rank, his computer skills coming in handy. After the mission, he lives on the home planet with one family until riots break out.

Back to pirating with another outfit.

On an attack on a freighter, he meets a young woman terrified and helps her. he was never comfortable with the pirate life and they way the whole civilization lived.

His rise to positions of power, his decency, what he wants to do about it, highlight this fine first novel.

I quite enjoyed this one. The author puts forth a convincing enough explanation of why most of the universe is populated with humans, good enough for me to suspend my disbelief and enjoy the book(hey, I never questioned why every alien was humanoid in Star Trek. I just loved it).

The author uses science fiction settings to reflect his views of our world, especially people’s fascination with that most unholy, reality TV, people famous for nothing more than being famous, and performance enhancing drugs prevalent in sports today. All of it in one gory incident.

I agreed with his views.

The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and for the Kindle.