233: MY: All I Did Was Shoot My Man – Walter Mosley

234: MY: Time To Create And Murder – Lawrence Block

235: TC: A Murder Before Eden – Alison Pratt

236: WE: Miles To Little Ridge(ebook) – Heath Lowrance

237: TH: The Dummy Line – Bobby Cole

238: WE: Assault of The Mountain Man – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

239: AD: Fight Card: Split Decision(ebook) – Jack Tunney

240: SF: Deep Sky – Patrick Lee

241: WE: The Sharpshooter – Ed Gorman

242: Sf: Tales From The Fathomless Abyss(ebook) – edited by Philip Athlan. stories by Mike Resnick, Jay Lake, Cat Rambo, Mel Odom, J. M. McDermitt, Brad Torgerson, and Philip Athlan

243: SP: Tama of The Light Country – Ray Cummings

244: SP Tama, Princess of Mercury – Ray Cummings

245: SF: Blind Traveler’s Blues(ebook) – Robert P. Bennett

246: HR: The Dead Walked: Outbreak(ebook) – Vincent Stark(Gary M. Dobbs)

247: HR: The Dead Man: The Beast Within(ebook) – James Daniels

248: SF: Empire of The Gods(ebook) – David Stag

249: SF: Empire State – Adam Christopher

250: SP: A Princess of Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs

251: HM: One Horse Open Slay(ebook) – James Mullaney

252: SF: Run, Come See Jerusalem! – Richard C. Meredith

253: MY: Stranglehold – Ed Gorman

254: SF: The Time Tunnel: Timeslip! – Murray Leinster

255: ME: Days of Beer: A memoir of a Beer Drinkin’ Man(ebook) – Charles Gramlich

The best year I’ve had in a few, the second highest total since I’ve been keeping records, in numbers anyway. The chief reason is the rise of ebooks. There’s some good stuff out there, not available in any other format, and they generally run shorter than paper books.

I’m on Goodreads and joined a reading pledge for 2011. I promised 240 books and passed that quite easily. I thought I did well until I looked at some of the other participants. One fellow pledged 365 books and the last time I checked was on 387. He admits a lot of them are graphic novels. Still impressive though.