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I read a lot of books through the year and I would estimate about half of them are westerns. David Cranmer(Edward Grainger) writes westerns among other genres. His Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles tales are making waves in the new publishing world of ebooks. Fresh and playing on some modern concerns in a western setting, they are very popular with the reading public.

He’s opened his playground, as the old saying goes, to other writers and getting fine results. Wayne Dundee, a writer I discovered not long ago myself, is the latest and has produced a fine book to stand alongside the short stories.

Cash Laramie is bringing in a prisoner picked up in a dying mine town. Not without a certain amount of trouble though. Traveling along with him are two prostitutes left alone after that “trouble” and since he owed them for saving his life, he assumed the duty of getting them down out of the mountains.

Getting the party down won’t be easy though. Mother Nature isn’t co-operating, what with an early snow storm making travel difficult. And there’s the group of miners that want their whores back.

And a third trouble is out there.

Wayne Dundee has written a nice, simple tale I devoured in one sitting.

Worth a look and available HERE.

Check it out.