Robert E. Howard is by no shape or means a forgotten writer. I’m as far from an expert on the man as one could get and still recognize good stuff when I read it. MOUNTAIN MAN is a humorous adventure short by the man.

All Breckenridge Elkins had to do was ride his mule into Tomahawk and pick up a letter for his “Pap.

It turned out to be a lot of problems for the young man who’d never been out of the mountains in his life. His Pap gave him a lot of advice on how to handle things.

It didn’t help a lot.

In short order, he found himself naked but for his gun belt and his mule. The clothes he “borrowed” from a gentleman walking, a checked city suit, lending him the mule and sending him on his way, with a promise to swap back when he couls walk to town and get proper duds. Next he encounters a group after him, runs, finally surrendering his gun when he sees the badge on one man’s shirt(just as his Pap had instructed). He gets roped into a fight because of the borrowed clothes, the citizens of three cities break out into their own battles. Breckenridge escapes and heads for the post office to retrieve Pap’s letter, there running into a hold-up.

A lot of trouble for one letter. Next time Pap could get his own letter.

Loved this one.

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Loved this one.