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The song in the first vidoe appeared, and was written by, Jake Holmes on his album THE ABOVE GROUND SOUND OF JAKE HOLMES in 1967. Interestingly, Holmes is best known for two jingles he wrote: the army’s Be All You Can Be and, here’s one for Bill, Be A Pepper for Dr Pepper.

The second video is a YARDBIRDS tune with Jimmy Page on guitar from 1968. The first album, Cumular Limit(2000), it appeared on credited Holmes with writing the song, arr. Yardbirds. A later release, Live Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page, left it, under the title I’m Dazed, the only song with no songwriting credits.

The third version appeared on Zeppelin’s first album in 1969. Songwriting credits made no mention of Jake Holmes. Holmes sent Page a letter about the songwriting credits and received no reply. He finally sued for copyright infringement in 2010.

Judge for yourself.