Annabelle Heath had a simple request of Ford Ramsey. Honor the promise he’d made to her late mother.

Marcus Pauly, her mother’s brother, had been his best friend during the war and they stuck together after the end, falling into the outlaw ways so many at the time did. At the bank robbery, they were ambushed by the townspeople and only three had made it out: Ramsey, Pauly, and the gang leader, Boss Larsen. Marcus was badly wounded and Larsen wanted to leave him. Ford didn’t and stayed with a promise to split the loot later. With a posse after them, there was no time

His friend died and Ramsey took the time to bury him before moving on. It was his undoing and the posse caught him. He went to prison, denying all the time the belief that he had killed Pauly and Larsen and hid the money.

That tale followed him after he got out of prison. Ramsey knew he was being watched, but ht found work and toiled away for three years. That his boss was a snot-nosed punk, son of the owner, he just had to take. Old and an ex-con, he needed the job to survive.

So when Annabelle came calling, he hesitated. She wanted to honor her late mother’s quest to bring her uncle’s body home for burial in the family cemetery. But one nasty comment from his young boss got the boy a beating and Ramsey and Annabelle set out to find the body.

Ramsey’s instincts were a bit rusty, but he had the feeling someone was following them.

Quite enjoyed this story of honor and friendship and what one will go through to get it done.


O’Doul, an older man, worked at the ranch of Joe Reichert. The only other hand was young Leonard Fain. The two watched the boss disintegrate after his young son wandered into a paddock and was trampled to death by a wild mare. Reichert blamed his wife, Annie, who’d been hanging clothes out to dry when the child wandered off. The boss’s drinking and the treatment of his wife got worse until he ordered her off the ranch, never to return.

Young Leonard was already incensed at the way he treated her. The next day he rode into town where she was staying with the doctor and his wife.

O’Doul had his own problems. Known only to him and the Doctor, the old man was dying of cancer, with only a few months, tops, to live. Laudanum was the only thing that kept him going.

Word came that Leonard and Annie had been having dinner together and taking walks. Nothing improper, except to the interminable gossips in town.

Trouble was coming as Reichert’s drinking got even worse. When he found out what was going on in town, however innocent it really was, O’Doul knew what would come next.

Another fine western.