It was an unusual partnership. Angelo had met the old man, Tumbleweed, on the trail after his mule had run off. Helping him get back to his home, the two arrived to find it had been ransacked. Six men rode up then, brothers Tom and Quincy Randall and their men.

That’s when Angelo began to learn the truth. The Randalls had found Tumbleweed’s map, a map of complex directions to a hidden trove of Confederate gold. They didn’t know where to begin. Tumbleweed did, but needed the directions on the map.

A partnership was formed, splitting the take fifty-fifty, half to Angelo and Tunbleweed, half to the Randalls. Of course, Angelo didn’t trust the two brothers.

Things went downhill fast when the Randalls double-crossed them and Angelo ends up pursuing them. Not alone though. He’s saddled with an obstinate Cavalry officer and his troop, not to mention the Colonel’s daughter who slips out after them.

The first hint of trouble came when they found one of the gang staked out and tortured. Apaches had left their mark and it soon became apparent what they wanted.

Outnumbered and with an officer in charge with his own agenda Angelo is determined to get out of this with as many alive as possible.

Or go down trying.

A fine western from Great Britain’s Black Horse western line. For those interested, there is a novella available as an ebook, Angelo and The Strongbox, which is a sort of prequel. I highly recommend both.