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I’m a fan of Stephen Marlowe’s books, but I’ve not read a lot of them, especially the Chester Drum books. I’ve read the crossover novel with Shell Scott, DOUBLE IN TROUBLE, and posted on a Drum novel here, and an entry in a short story collection here.

So when Barry Ergang did this book on Forgotten Friday recently, it was natural for me to dig it up. It comes late in the series, only three more I believe, and I decided to give it a whirl. Barry’s review should be read as he makes it sound good.

Which it certainly was. I like this kind of old stuff a lot. Too bad I don’t read faster, not to mention have a lot more cash.

As Barry mentions, Drum was a world wide traveler/investigator with cases taking him many places. Probably need to read more, but you know how it is. Most of them came when I was very young and, living in a small town, with one drug store with one spinner rack for paperbacks and one for comics, the selection was limited. I catch up when I can, especially with excellent reviews such as this one.

Patti Abbott’s Forgotten Books has been great for me and hopefully others.