A good batch this week. A bunch of preorders, used books, and freebies arriving over a few days.

!: Massacre At Powder River – William W. Johnstone & J. A. Johnstone: latest in the Matt Jensen series.

2: Death Is The Hunter – Charles G. West: latest western from one of my favorite authors.

3: Under The Moons of Mars: New Adventures In Barsoom – edited by John Joseph Adams: been looking forward to this one, an anthology of stories by a bunch of authors, some I’m familiar with, some new. Joe R. Lansdale, Peter S. Beagle, Tobias S. Buckell, Chris Claremont, Jonathan Maberry, L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Garth Nix, S. M. Stirling are the familiar names. A long list of artists contributing illustrations for the stories as well. Obviously a labor of love for these folks who like most of us first trod those worlds with John Carter and company.

4: John Carter – Stuart Moore: I was a bit hesitant on this one, a novelization of the movie script based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It also includes A Princess of Mars in the back. I don’t plan to read it yet, waiting on the movie first. My fears weren’t allayed when I noticed that Moore’s name wasn’t on the cover, front, back, or spine, and Burroughs only in small type on the top of the front and back.

5: Dark Woods – Jay Kumar: Bill might like this one, a tale of hunters wounding a -bigfoot?- and the trail of him. Or them.

6: Miami Mayhem – Marvin Albert

7: My Kind of Game – Marvin Albert: Two novels in the Tony Rome series. I like Albert’s westerns, I’m sure I will like these.

8: The Breach – Patrick Lee

9: Ghost Country- Patrick Lee: the first two novels, I’ve already read the third, in the Travis Chase trilogy.

10: Star Carrier: Earth Strike – Ian Douglas

11: Star Carrier: Center of Gravity – Ian Douglas: the first two books in the author’s(real name, William H. Keith) latest marines in space trilogy. The concluding volume comes out late this month.

12: Shadow Ops: Control Point – Myke Cole: first in a new military fantasy series, described by one blurb as “Blackhawk Down meets the X-Men.” Looked interesting.

13: Star Trek: The Rings of Time – Greg Cox: a sort of sequel to TOS episode TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY. You know, the one where Kirk transports a mid-sixties pilot aboard the Enterprise from his disintegrating jet and then has to get him back when they learn his son leads a significant mission into space. Here, somehow Kirk and Shawn Christopher switch places across time and space.

14: False Dawn(ebook) – Paul Levine: a freebie. I couldn’t resist.

15: Wolf Tickets(ebooks) – Ray Banks: another free book and I liked a previous book, a book book, by the author.

16: The Alabaster-Skinned Mule(ebook) – Jochim Vandersteen: a free Noah Milano novelette.

17: Raining Willie & Cranked: Two Texas Tales(ebook) – Bill Crider: two short stories, not free, but well priced. Two by Bill, how do you resist?

18: Falling Immortality(ebook) – Robert Downs: a Casey Holden, PI, novel. Robert is a new friend on Goodreads and since I have a fondness for PI novels, why not?

I don’t expect much the rest of the month. We’ll see.