1: Intergalactic Medicine Show – edited by Orson Scott Card and Edmund R. Schubert: Card founded this online magazine a few years ago and you can buy a subscription that will allow access to back issues as well. This print anthology is the first annual reader’s voting choices on the Intergalactic Awards, both stories and artwork. Other pieces here are some past favorites before the awards were started. Peter S. Beagle does the introduction and provides one of the stories. Politics aside, Card knows his business.

2: Starburst – Alfred Bester: this one is Bill Crider’s fault. He covered the collection for Forgotten Books recently and happened to mention he saw it on eBay for $.99 and no one wanted it. So I slipped over(first time I ever did business with eBay) and put down the bid, getting it. There were other editions where minimum bids were higher and no one was jumping on them. Hard to believe Bester is forgotten, but I’m from an older generation.

3: Twisted Vengeance(ebook) – Jeff Bennington: Detective Rick Burns’ life is out of control. His wife left him after the death of their son, he loves a woman he can’t have, and there’s a series of gruesome killings he’s investigating. And then there’s the creepy kid stalking him. He seems to know both Rick and the serial killer. Reality and the supernatural get blurred in this one.

4: Butch Fatale: Dyke Dick: Double-D Double Cross(ebook) – Christa Faust. Bill Crider mentioned this one, it looks like a hoot, and I happen to like Faust’s writing.

5: The Cerberus Protocol(ebook) – Joseph Nassise & Jon F. Merz: first book in the Hellstalkers series: Captain Memphis Stone is on vacation in Geneva when there’s an accident at the Large Hadron Collidor in the CERN complex. He gets called to duty to lead a team in to rescue all those scientists. What they run into, though, is trouble. The creatures that attacked them resembled panthers, except they had eight legs. They could be killed, but it was tough. This one looks interesting.