James Reasoner has become one of my favorite writers in just a few years. I’ve gotten to know him a bit from reading his blog regularly and swapping a few emails. He can always be relied on for a great read, whether it’s one of his books or one where he works under a house name.
REDEMPTION: HUNTERS is the second book in his series of the small Kansas town and their new Marshall, former Texas cowhand Bill Harvey. A young man, he took up residence while recovering from a leg gore by an old steer and ended up marrying his nurse, Eden.

In this volume, word comes that a band of Pawnee have left the reservation and are on the warpath. The townspeople are nervous, rightly so, and things aren’t helped when a band of buffalo hunters ride into town late one night one step ahead of the Pawnee after a scuffle that left a group of young males dead, one escaping to fetch the rest.

Bill has another problem. There’s a murderer loose in town and he seems to be trying to incite something between the Pawnee and the town, to what end Bill doesn’t know. And who that mystery person is.

A fine novel and a fine series. I look forward to more entries in this one. Here's a link to purchase it.