The Vindicarn War was twenty years in Byron’s past, chronicled in CassaStar. He’d kept the promise to his late friend and navigator Bassa to explore space. The vessel Rennather had been his home for a long time now, Byron flying one of their shuttles. A private man, he’d made no close friends in a long time.

That was about to change.

The Rennather was headed for the planet Tgren where ruins of an advanced civilization had been found. The inhabitants were not native, the ruins of the ship that brought their ancestors had been found.

The Tgrens aren’t quite as advanced, no space flight, and suspicion mounts around their technology and their psychic abilities. It doesn’t take long when Byron meets the Prefect’s niece to realize the same sort of psychics were developing in the Tgrens. Athee tested strong in that department and Byron receives permission to start her training. He learns that she possesses an ability that no Cassan female, and few males, are able to learn: the ability to teleport.

Byron and Athee began to draw close, as well as a young translator working in the ruins, much to the older man’s consternation.

The accident, explosion, at the ruins apparently sent out a signal and a giant ship was headed toward Tgren. Seemingly unstoppable, the race was on to find a defense and learn what was happening.

The author knows how to keep things moving as the plot advances. It’s obvious he’s learned from the master, a man who’s influenced so many other good writers. As the old saying goes, a real page turner. I had a fine time with this one and I think Alex Cavanaugh has a bright future in science fiction. The best space opera fiction I’ve read in a while.

Worth a look.

CassaFire goes on sale tomorrow, the 28th, and it and the first book can be ordered here at Dancing Lemur Press.