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It was a bit of glee that I had reading BULLETS FOR A BALLOT. Edward A Grainger(aka David Cranmer) is one of the writers working today that have injected new blood into the western tale. He’s even let other writers play, as the old saying goes, in his sandbox. This time around, it’s Nik Morton, another favorite who writes in several genres and never fails to deliver.

Marshal Cash Laramie gets sent into the town of Bear Pines where a mayoral election is coming up and things are beginning to get dirty. Mrs. Tolliver is running for mayor against the incumbent and the town has divided over the issue.

The lady has gotten death threats and Cash’s boss wants him to keep things straight.

Arriving in town, he learns things fast. The death threats were no joke as he breaks up one attempt on the widow and her young son.

He also learns something else.

Mrs. Tolliver is from his past. which brings old memories, both pleasant and otherwise.

Things get antsy and he sends for help and along comes his friend and partner Gideon Miles soon.

What I like about the Cash and Gideon stories are their combination of old west and issues of more modern sensibilities. Still relevant in the western though. These tales mix a bit of violence with morality that should interest most any reader.

Recommended if one likes a good story, whatever the type. Available here.