1: The Lady In Cement – Marvin H. Albert: the British tie-in edition to the film starring Frank Sinatra from Sphere Books.

2: The Deep Zone(ARC) – James M. Tabor; a thriller. One blurb calls it Jamea Rollins meets Journey To The Center of The Earth. Good enough for me. I’m reading it now.

3: The Emerald Storm(ARC) – William Dietrich: an historical thriller, an Ethan Gage adventure. Our swashbuckling hero is in the Caribbean on the hunt for the Lost Treasure of Montezuma.

4: The Last Gunfighter: Montana Gundown – William Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: the latest in the western series starring Frank Morgan.

5: MacCallister: The Killing – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: Duff MacCallister, transplanted Scotsman and distant cousin of the American Maccallister clan, now has a ranch in Wyoming territory. He breaks up a bank robbery, killing one, capturing another, and the town is in siege by the rest of the gang.

6: Jur, A Story of Predawn Earth(ebook) – James Reasoner and Tom Johnson: James clued me in on a post and mentioned that Johnson had written others in the series. I went here and he’s got a bunch of pulpy goodness. Looks like more money’s heading out the door.

7: Rancho Diablo: Gabby’s Campfire Tales(ebook) – Colby Jackson: Bill Crider is the author of this latest in the new series.

8: Bullets For A Ballot(ebook) -Nik Morton; latest Cash Laramie novel. The combination of Nik Morton writing David’s character is unbeatable. Back up a day for the review.

9 & 10: The Hunted and The Dame(ebooks) – Dave Zeltserman: a new series that ventures in Parker/Richard Stark territory. Excellent. it wasn’t until I was reading the second novella that I realized the character’s name, Dan Willis, was an homage to Parker. That name Willis is of course part of Parker’s civilian name.

11: Witness To Death(ebook) – Dave White: this one was free. Since I love White’s work, how does one resist.

12: Lucy Cruz and The Chupacabra Killings(ebook) – Steven Torres: another freebie. I can’t resist. This achieved it’s purpose in introducing me to another good writer.

13: Blood & Tacos # 1(ebook) – I like the idea of this one. A series of stories about characters in the same vein as those men’s adventure novels of the seventies. I read a slew of them back then. Also included in each volume will be reviews of some of those books back then.

14: The Coyote Connection – Nick Carter: I finally decide to stop dithering and pick this one up. At one time, I owned most, if not all, of the 261 or so of the adventures of Nick Carter, Killmaster. This one was written by Bill Crider and Jack Davis under the Carter pseudonym. Not sure if this was one I owned back then or not. I stupidly sold them to a used book dealer in town, a decision I later regretted, though I did meet a fellow who became a good friend when he bought them all and got my name and phone number from the lady who owned the store.

15 & 16: Epitaph and Riders of The Monte(ebooks) – Livia Washburn: two early westerns by the writer, wife of James Reasoner and a fine writer in her own rite.