Arthur C. Clarke’s ISLANDS IN THE SKY was not my earliest exposure to science fiction. I’ve spoke before about that being Heinlein’s Tunnel In The Sky, followed soon after by Daybreak 2250 A.D. by Andre Norton. The edition I have is the fifth printing of the 1960 edition. Judging by the cover price, $.75, that was likely the early seventies. It seems like I would have read it before then, but that’s the copy I’m rereading now.

Suffice to say, it has been a long time since that last read. So when Richard Robinson reviewed it recently on THE BROKEN BULLHORN, it brought back memories of those long ago days and I decided to pull it out for a reread. He gives a very good review, as always, and one should read it if not previously seen.

A fine book, it would undoubtedly have been one I’d have loved in my early days of reading SF. What’s not to love? A teenager getting to go into space. That would have been a destination I would have jumped at back then. Hell, now for that matter. Space explorations seems to be a bore these days to to much of our world. Witness how in the recent past the only thing that shook us out of our complacency was the two shuttle disasters. But not here. Space still brings out the little kid in me.

I had a great time getting back into this early Clarke work. Thanks to Richard for tweaking my memory.

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