I‘m cheating a bit this week. An injury to the ring finger of my right hand will make my life a bit hard for a while, never mind writing. I likely will ease off for a bit on the posting. The finger is swollen, won’t bend, can’t grasp anything, reading is even hard, and I’m beginning to learn just how much I use it every time I feel that twinge.

A BOY AND HIS DOG was a film based on a Harlan Ellison novella. Actor L. Q. Jones, known mostly as a western actor, wrote the script and directed. Here's the link to my original post. It starred a very young Don Johnson(twenty-five at the time) and is one of my all time favorite movies, but hardly overlooked. At least by older generations. I’m not sure what the younger folks might think. Quaint probably.

I remember one amusing story back when it was released to theaters. I saw it with friends and a co-worker mentioned taking his young son to see it. He thought it was a Disney film with that title.

Here’s a link to the movie, however long it may stay up. It’s worth watching. At least check out the first few minutes. You might get hooked.

For more overlooked films, and related matters, as always, check out Todd Mason over at SWEET FREEDOM.,