1: Mute Witness – Robert L. Pike: I had this one once, or rather the tie-in edition for the movie, BULLITT. Where it went, Lord only knows. Pike is, of course, better known as Robert L. Fish.

2: Bladerunner 4: Eye and Talon – K. W. Jeter: way back in the years, Jeter wrote three sequels to the Movie Bladerunner. They combnined elements of both the movie and the Dick inspiration, DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? This fourth volume was never published in the States. Now I have it, which means I’ll need to reread the whole series to get caught up.

3: The Shop(ARC) – J. Carson Black: Ex-Navy SEAL Cyril Landry works for the shop. He kills people that need killing. He begins to wonder why these people need killing and starts to investigate. Across the country, Detective Jolie Burke is investigating the murder of the town’s police chief. Their paths inevitably cross and the pair team up.

4: Desert Drop(ARC) – Rex Kusler: Alice James and her partner, James Snow, of the James and James Agency, get involved in Alice’s past. A long lost sister phones out of the blue, her father left when Alice was just six months old, forty years before, and wants to meet. Along the way, she disappears. And then the phone call comes. A $150,000 in hundreds or she dies. No cops. Since their mutual father is rich, no problem. The money is dropped and Alice and Jim race to pick her up at the drop off point, Alice talking to her on the cell the whole time. Only when they get to the spot, they find a body wrapped in plastic and the M.E. later says it’s been dead a week. Who was the woman Alice talked to on the phone? And who was the partner they only heard through a phone distortion device? As they get into it, ugly things in Alice’s family start to emerge.

5: The Destroyer: Savage Song(ebook): – Warren Murphy: our two favorite heroes are back from a three year absence in this new novella. Remo and Chiun are sent to keep the country’s latest singing star alive, Madame Googoo, and Chiun is in love. The biting humor, and satire, are again in full flower on this, skewering real life figures in today’s pop culture, the author’s only criteria being the pompous and stupid. A welcome return(back up a post for the review).