Geiger’s life began when the bus driver shook him awake. He didn’t know who he was or remember anything about his past. He got his name, as in counter, from a poster for a book on the works of artist H. R. Gigir, the e added because he liked the look.

In the years since that beginning, he’d forged a business, Information Retrieval. You see, Geiger had a unique talent. He could recognize a lie the instant it was said.

With his partner, Harry Boddicker, they specialized in getting things found out. Harry ran the website, judged the contacts, and arranged for the “Jones” to be brought to their facility. There Geiger used his talents to learn the truth, whatever the customer wanted found out. What he did might be called torture by some, but it was less that than the idea of it.

Geiger did have some rules though. He didn’t question anybody that had had ever had a heart incident, he didn’t question anybody over seventy-two, and he didn’t question kids. If the client wanted his information ASAP, that was a case-by-case judgment on Geiger’s part.

So when the new client wanted an expensive painting recovered as soon as possible, Geiger agrees to see the Jones. Things get crossed up when the client delivers a twelve year old boy, saying the father had bolted and the kid probably knew where he was. He even offered an extra five thousand cash. When Geiger refused, the client promised to take the boy to a competitor, one who had no rules and didn’t mind, even relished, a little blood.

Geiger did the only thing he could under the circumstances.

He clocked the client and ran with the boy.

That’s when Harry and he found out just how dangerous thsi client was. It soon became apparent that whatever information he wanted, it had nothing to do with a painting. They needed to find out exactly what was going on here to protect the boy and themselves.

If that was even possible.

A truly original protagonist with a lot of problems of his own. And those bits of his past were starting to emerge even as he runs around trying to solve the current mess.

I liked this one. Mark Allen Smith looks to have a bright future in the thriller business. THE INQUISITOR can be ordered here.