The post title says it all. Frank McCourt is out and Magic Johnson is in. Magic’s group paid a hefty price, two + billion dollars, far putstripping the previous highest price for a sports franchise. The only reservation I see is allowing McCourt to keep the parking lot. I would have made sure he didn’t have any more money coming in off the Dodgers. That’s why the fans stayed away in droves the last couple of years. He’d raped the franchise enough, no one wanted to put another dollar in his pocket. A once proud team, one of baseball’s corner franchises was reduced to a pale shadow of it’s former glory.

He should have been separated completely from it. He had to sell.

We fans will have to settle for this I suppose.

Leno made a joke about it last night that I liked. He spoke of Magic’s competitive nature. He said it was on, that Larry Bird had bought the Boston Red Sox. Hah!