52: SF: On The Head of A Pin – Walter Mosley

53: TH: The Hunted(ebook) – Dave Zeltserman

54: WE: Bullet For A Ballot(ebook) – Nik Morton, based on a character by Edward A. Grainger

55: FA: The Gift of Fire – Walter Mosley

56: TH: The Dame(ebook) – Dave Zeltserman

57: CR: Killing The Blues – Michael Brandman

58: WE: Rancho Diablo: Gabby Darbins and The Slide-Rock Bolter(ebook) – Colby Jackson(Bill Crider)

59: CR: Stuffed Shirt & The Play of Light and Shadow(ebook) – Barry Ergang

60: TH: Meg: Origins(ebook) – Steve Alten

61: TH: The Deep Zone – James M. Tabor

62: AD: Devil Wings Over France(ebook) – James Reasoner

63: WE: MacCallister: The Eagles Legacy: The Killing – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

64: OD: Long Road Home(ebook) – Jeffrey J. Mariotte

65: SF: Islands In The Sky – Arthur C. Clarke

66: TH: Oath of Office(ebook) – Michael Palmer

67: CR: Sixkill – Robert B. Parker

68: WE: The Brothers O’Brien – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

69: CR: The Name of The Game Is Death – Dan J. Marlowe

70: CR: Meadows Ford Blues(ebook) – Richard Prosch

71: CR: Desert Drop – Rex Kusler

72: CR: Redemption(ebook) – Jochem Vandersteen

73: AD: The Destroyer: Savage Song(ebook) – Warren Murphy

74: TH: The Inquisitor Mark Allen Smith

75: CR: Mute Witness – Robert L. Pike

76: WE: The Last Gunfighter: Montana Gundown William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

77: HR: The Dead Man: Carnival of Death(ebook) – Bill Crider

78: FA: Harvest of War(ebook) – Charles Allen Gramlich