Whew, it blew up this week with a combination of new books just released, a couple of review copies sent by a publisher, some previously ordered used books that decided to arrive in the same week, some freebies(hard to resist), and a few I discovered that I wanted.

1: Ready Player One(review copy) – Ernest Cline: it’s the year 2044 and the real world is ugly. Wade Watts spends most of his waking hours jacked into OASIS, a virtual reality world that allows one to be anything he wants to be, be on any of ten thousand worlds. And like everybody else, he hunts for the hidden puzzle clues, hidden by the creator of OASIS, that if solved, will lead one to a massive fortune and remarkable power. For too many years, no one had found even one clue. And then Wade stumbles onto the first clue.

2: Bloodman(ARC) – Robert Pobi: Independent FBI contractor Jake Cole deciphers the language of murderers by reconstructing three dimensional crime scene models in his head, a grim talent that has left his nerves shot and his psyche fragile. He comes home when his father, a famous painter, is nearly killed in an Alzheimer’s fueled accident and confronts a past he’s spent twenty-five years forgetting. A double murder and stacks of incomprehensible canvases in his father’s studio that he believes leads him to a killer called the Bloodman.

3: Sex Slaves of The Dragon Tong(ebook) – F. Paul Wilson: a freebie by one of my favorite writers. Three tales written pulp style and reading like they were written during that period.

4: Day of The Outlaw – Lee Wells: a fine western I reviewed for Forgotten Books this past Friday.

5: The Red Menace: Drowning In Red Ink)ebook) – James Mullaney: one of the writers of some of the best Destroyer novels, this is the second novel in the series of a Fifties secret agent/superhero returning to take up the battle once more.

6: The Destroyer: The Day Remo Died(ebook) – Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy: another freebie, previously available only in The Assassin’s Handbook.

7: Murder On The Aisle(ebook) Ed Gorman: another one of those freebies. How does one resist one from an author this good. It goes to the head of the list.

8: The April Robin Murders – Craig Rice and Ed McBain: unfortunately, it didn’t come with that wonderful dust jacket.

9: The Hanging Tree and Other Stories – Dorothy M. Johnson: a collection of western short stories by the woman that gave us stories that became THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE, A MAN CALLED HORSE, and THE HANGING TREE.

10: The Dame – Richard Stark

11: The Damsel – Richard Stark

12: The Blackbird – Richard Stark: the first three novels in Westlake’s Alan Grofield series, a cohort of Parker. The fourth, LEMONS NEVER LIE, was brought back by Hard Case Crime a few years back.

13: The Loner: Brutal Vengeance – J. A. Johnstone: latest volume in the western series.

14: Blood of Patriots – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: NYPD detective John Ward tries to arrest a street peddler selling phony Rolodexes and gets a suspension in the name of political correctness. When he visits his ex-wife and daughter in Colorado, he discovers a town taken over by foreigners, land bought up, camps set up, and an army being trained for something.

15: Range Riders Western: from Pulp Tales Press, this volume reprints three novels from the magazine(mid-forties) by Lee. E. Wells Samuel Mines, and Donald Bayne Hobart.

16: Never Live Twice – Dan J. Marlowe: They’d planned well. The accident was made to look like Louisa was killed along with her husband. But as the hours passed by while law enforcement officials dragged the canal and no body was found, louisa and Kel wondered if they’d planned carefully enough.

17: Duncan & Mallory – Robert Asprin & Mel. White: graphic novel from the late author, the fist of three in the series of Duncan, knight errant(a clumsy one) and Mallory, a con artist dragon.

18: Body, Inc. – Alan Dean Foster: second in the author’s SF Tipping Point trilogy.

19: Freaks(ebook) _ Tess Gerritson: a short story based on her Rizzoli & Isles novels. Cover shows the two women that star in the series. Both fine looking women, but Angie Harmon has always did it for me.