1: Fire Will Freeze – Margaret Millar: not read any Millar, though love her husband. So, thinking it’s time I did, I got this one for Forgotten Friday’s single author day.

2: The Bar-None Ranch – Robert Asprin & Mel White: the second in the graphic novel series from the late author and artist Mel White

3: The Raiders – Robert Asprin & Mel White: the third and final graphic novel of this team of Duncan, a son of a minor nobleman more interested in love than war, and Mallory, a dragon more interested in con games.

4: Lonely Street(ebook) _ Steve Brewer

5: Baby Face(ebook) – Steve Brewer

6: Witchy Woman(ebook) – Steve Brewer: ebook versions of the Bubba Mabry P.I. novels originally published in the early nineties.

7: Robbers Roost(ebook) – James Reasoner: originally published as part of the Powell’s Army series.