Canadian intelligence agent Justin Hall sees it as his chance to recover from a botched rescue mission the year before and the escape from the prison in the Middle east that seemed to have married him to a desk job. Reports of two icebreakers, unknown origin, were cruising Canadian waters along the Northwest Passage. Possible Danish origin, though, as they has said they were conducting wargame exercises in the area.

Justin’s superiors wanted to know what was up and he volunteers, along with his partner Carrie O’Connor, to go up into Arctic waters to check it out. A couple of civilians observers accompany them.

It’s not long before they find evidence of an invasion, are betrayed, and left for dead in the frozen wastes. But it’s not that easy to kill Justin and Carrie.

And there’s more going on up there than it seems on the surface.

Ethan Jones has opened up something new for me. Don’t know a lot about Canada other than it’s a northern neighbor. We get a look at their intelligence service and outliers that look authentic to me. That’s just what I need to get engrossed in a thriller.

A well told story full of action, the conclusion a battle at the top of the world with local help, that makes me look forward to the next Justin Hall novel due out this fall.

The author writes a mean thriller and I quite enjoyed this one. Recommended for lovers of good thrillers and available for order here.