Tom Wade had committed an unpardonable sin. He’d worked with Federal authorities to expose corruption in the King City police force. It made him a pariah and, if the chief could have worked it without repercussions, it would have gotten him fired. As it was, it got him a “lateral” transfer to the Marvin Gardens side of town. It also cost him his marriage.

The worst part of King City, forgotten by all but the people who lived there. A lot of good people, a lot of bad people, none with any faith in law enforcement. The Chief hoped he’d quit over it.

He didn’t understand Tom Wade at all.

A new substation in a former porn movie store, two rookies shunted off on him, and a promise of no back-up. Ever. They were on their own.

Tom went at it with a will. The police needed respect from both the good people and the bad.

The first week he gets a dead body, a young woman killed elsewhere and dumped, and a series of murdered women, all shot over the past couple of years.

Lee Goldberg has created a memorable character here, the loner with a sense of value that can’t be compromised, and put him in a pretty good novel. One hopes it will lead to more down the road. KING CITY can be ordered here. Lee, along with his writing partner William Rabkin is also the creator of the DEAD MAN series, another worth checking out if you like adventure/horror tales.