Twenty-nine tales in the old pulp style offered up in this new book from BEAT TO A PULP press. They run the gamut from SF to westerns to crime to horror, not to mention a splash of mix along the way. David Cranmer and Matthew P. Mayo have produced another winner.

I’m not going to list all the stories here, just a few favorites:

LOST VALLEY OF THE SKOOCOOM by Matthew P. Mayo, a Bigfoot tale.

THE QUICK…AND THE DEAD by Bill Crider, a really weird zombie tale.

SKYLER HOBBS AND THE COTTINGLEY FAIRIES by Evan Lewis: our hero mixes it up with some real life terrors.

THE LAKE BOTTOM BONES: a short story by Wayne Dundee featuring Joe Hannibal.

A WORLD YOU DON’T KNOW: James Reasoner got me going on this one.

I’d read Ed Gorman’s THE OLD WAYS somewhere down the line. A good one though.

Larry D Sweazy takes his Texas Rangers down the generations for SHADOW OF THE CROW, a story set squarely in the middle of the pulp era.

Make no mistake though. All the stories in this volume were good, tough reads that I found myself having trouble stopping until I hit the end.

And an article on pulp art by Cullen Gallagher where he gives a bit of history on the development of pulp cover and where it might be headed these days. He mentions some favorite artists, while at the same time forcing himself to stop because it could go on forever.

I know the feeling.

If one likes hard-hitting stories, grab this one.