1: Dirty Snow – Georges Simenon: The tale of Frank Friedmaier, a nineteen year old in a country under occupation. His mother’s whore house caters to the occupiers and Frank is restless. He’s a pimp, a thug, a petty thief, and he’s just killed his first man.

2: Three Bedrooms In Manhattan – Georges Simenon: an actor at loose ends, a woman no less lonely, meet.

3: Scarecrow Returns – Matthew Reilly: I’m not sure what it is about Reilly. You either hate him or love him, not much in between. I fall down on the loving his work side, but I’ve got a friend with similar reading tastes that I can’t interest. She thinks he’s a terrible writer. His books are action thrill rides from beginning to end. Shane Schofield, code name Scarecrow, is out to stop a group of -terrorists?- called The Army of Thieves, from setting off a device at the top of the world that will set the atmosphere on fire, courtesy of a gas they’ve been sending out and letting the jet stream carry around the upper half of the world. His small group of marines and a handful of civilians are the only ones close enough to get there in time. You see, they only have five hurs to get it stopped. Seven against an army.

and the ebook:

4: The Road To Hell – Paul Levine; four stories, all with hell in the title. I’ve read the first three, all good, and the fourth is a long piece featuring his characters Solomon and Lord from the novel series.