Talulla Demetriou is a new mother and she’s mad. In this follow-up to THE LAST WEREWOLF, she thought she’d planned for everything, but the vampires, led by Jacquelline, stormed in just moments after the birth of her son, grabbed him, and fled. She wasn’t there for the twin’s birth, a daughter.

The vampire messiah, Remshi, the oldest living vampire, was returning and the little werewolf was to be a sacrifice so Jacqueiline could marry Remshi and be the queen of vampires.

Was Remshi even real or just an old myth? Most vampires believed the later. Legend said he had powers other vampires didn’t and could bestow them. Like being able to walk safely in daylight. Over the course of a very long life, these powers had developed. Most vampires rarely lasted more than a thousand years. They just grew bored with it all. Most thought it was just old tales. But there was a cult of vampires, led by Jacquelline, that believed.

Talulla wanted her son back and would go to any lengths to find and rescue him.

TALULLA RISING is her story. A newly minted werewolf, the first in hundreds of years, we see her development, and the hell she goes through as she looks for her son. Told in first person, this and the first are the only novels, that I’ve read anyway, that get inside the mind and soul of a werewolf, the blood-lust, the feeding, the sexual reactions.

I liked this one and was happy to learn that a third one is on the way.

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